Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Time at Revolution Farm

Revolution Farm in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains at 7,200 foot elevation. Growing food for the community.
The hens are laying about three dozen eggs a day now. 

Radishes are just one spring crop we have coming in right now.

The big egg was a double yolker! 
Seedlings getting a head start on the others we will direct seed soon.

Sand Plum Blossom 
Native fruit trees with wild garlic all around them. 

Happy hens are pastured hens.


Out on the pasture.

This week available for sale we have:

Pasture Raised Eggs $5 dozen
Spinach (wintered over and very sweet) $5 - 1/2 #
Carrots $4 - # bunch
Spring Garlic Greens $2 ea. bunch
Baby Greens Salad Mix $4 - 1/4 #

Come see us Saturdays at the Santa Fe Farmers Market in the Railyard from 8 AM to 1 or special orders can be arranged. 

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